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Saskatchewan, Canada Citizens Protest Potholes by Posing Nude In Them

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HATS OFF, PANTS OFF, and SHIRTS OFF to you, Saskatchewan.  Your nude pothole protest calendar embodies all of best things in my favorite protests:  Naked bodies, pissed off Canadians, a sense of humor, and something to take home (like a calendar of hilarious nudies)  I love it:

One inhabitant of Leader, Saskatchewan, is shown sitting in a canoe that is perched in a pothole. Another has his dignity preserved by a well-placed camera, while a third man covers up with a strategic hubcap.

Saskatchewan, I feel your pain and your protest has livened my day.


If ANYONE out there can get me some photos from this calendar, I am chomping at the bit to post them!

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November 26th, 2008 at 4:18 pm

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PETA Protests Thanksgiving Turkey with “Cooking Mama – Mama Kills Animals” Video Game

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PETA leaves no tasty animal unturned, this time creating a high tech double-whammy protest: Protest Thanksgiving turkey eating AND the video game “Cooking Mama” on Nintendo Wii.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama – Mama Kills Animals” turns a tame, food-loving cooking video game on Nintendo Wii into a violent animal slaughtering bloodbath.  The goal?  Show the true evils of eating bird on Thanksgiving and persuade Cooking Mama to make a vegetarian version.  Hmm.  Who would’ve thought the non-meat-eating population were such avid players of boring video games.

Regardless of speculation, the truth is PETA has made Cooking Mama more exciting.  From Doom to Grand Theft Auto to Resident Evil, everyone knows that violent games ARE FUN.   Mama has been transformed from a twinkle-eyed smiling Japanimation into a no-nonsense carnivorous bad ass. “Cooking Mama – Mama Kills Animals” goes back to the basics of meat eating – the simulated pleasures of yanking apart animal pieces – without actually having to do it.

Thanks, PETA.   Your next assignment is either “Barney’s Hide N’ Seek” or “Barbie Super Model“.  Please make these games more tolerable for play.  You guys hate people, and although an outdated model, Barney is technically an animal…. make him a man-eating dinosaur or something more useful for killing so this stupid game is tolerable to look at.  Maybe he can eat Barbie for wearing fur.


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November 26th, 2008 at 11:47 am

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Westboro Baptist Church Protest is Publicly Ridiculed

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Ah, my favorite Junk Activists of all time, the Westboro Baptist Church, has one again made the news. Their protests are always good times, but to say the least I’m pretty damn confused about the point of this one.

This time they’ve turned their attentions to Portland State University to spread their message of God-fueled hatred protest Portland’s gender neutral potties.

I always thought that the only reason we have seperate bathrooms to begin with is because each gender pisses on the seat in their own way and the other doesn’t want to deal with it….and maybe Portland doesn’t care who’s making a mess anymore.   Besides, don’t we all have “gender neutral” bathrooms in our homes?  It is sinful for a man to piss in a toilet instead of a urinal?  Is it wrong for a woman to piss where a man hath spilled thine urine?  Was that in the Book of Lavatory, Chapter 6, Verse 2?

All four of them show up to protest…well, we know “to get attention” is really why:

She [Libby Phelps],  seemed to be taking the melee in stride, even welcoming the counter-protests’ attention. “I love it! It’s awesome,” she said, with a kind of giddy glee. “This is my favorite part, I love it when people come and block my sign, it’s awesome. Cause it draws so much more attention over here, and so people come over and look and be like, oh what’s the big the big fuss over there? And they’ll come over and look.”

Um, yes, it’s so much fun to travel to Oregon to get blocked, laughed at, and publicly ridiculed by a large number of peaceful Portlanders.

To Westboro Church: Kudos you on the awesome scam you’ve organized to raise funds, travelling the country to perform rainbow-flag-stomping antics.  Is this from selling M&Ms in front of the grocery store or is it Church tithing?  There is an outlet for your kind.  It’s called Jerry Springer. A perfect place for those of us who respond to our lesser indulgences of ignorance and violence.  You’ll find the perfect concoction of trash to inspire fans and violence.  Important side Note: You can throw chairs at people, too.  And I hope they throw them back.  It will make me “LOL” and “WTF”.

And thanks for the link to my site.  Please send more visitors my way, I like the attention…you know what it’s like.

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November 25th, 2008 at 12:16 pm

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Iraqis Protest by Burning President Bush – Bush Gives Ten Commandments

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As Bush is packing his clothes and toys in the Oval Office next month, Iraqi citizens are pissed that the US military is going to remain in Iraq until 2011.  They’re giving him a goodbye present by burning Bush’s “effigy” as this photo demonstrates:


These events are being entirely misunderstood.  Burning Bushes good things.  God gives you commandments through them. I wonder what those Commandments are this time around…. here are some ideas to quell the tension in the Middle East.  I am leaving number 10 open, feel free to comment:

Here are some of the Bush’s Commandments:

1 – Thou shalt support our troops.

2 – Thou shalt not wear bombs and drive into buildings filled with civilians.

3 – Thou shalt not covet thy corporations with business interests.

4 – Thou shalt only throw sandals at Saddam Hussein’s effigy.

5 – Thou shalt honor your parents – unless they are al-Queda – then turn them into your nearest US military supervisor.

6 – Thou shalt start the day by smoking two joints.

7 – Thou shalt not end the day without getting laid.

8 – Thou shalt take a single nap in the afternoon.

9 – Thou shalt get over thyself.

This isn’t too abnormal aside from presence of the Burning Bush.  Iraqis always express themselves through fun activities such as burning things, marching, and yelling.  They also played a friendly game of King of the Hill and this guy won by tapping Bush in the head with his sandal first:

Iraq Protest - Hitting Bush with Sandal

By the way, doesn’t this guy look kind of like a super tan Adam Sandler?

Iraq Protest - Adam Sandler Lookalike

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November 21st, 2008 at 10:44 am

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Brazil’s Homeless Send Email and Flash Mob Grocery Stores

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Hm.  Interesting.  Brazil’s homeless have their own activist group called The Movement of Homeless Workers.

Of course they’re pissed about the global financial crisis.  The government is bailing out the banks and they’re not getting squat.  In protest, hundreds of homeless stand around in the grocery stores carrying checks with forged signatures.  They also walked out with food after “paying” for it with the checks.  Not sure if the grocery store was humoring them or if they were scared of a beatdown by axe wielding homeless.

The article states:

The Movement of Homeless Workers, the group behind the protest at nine supermarkets in seven states, said in an e- mailed statement that the economic slowdown threatened to increase hunger and poverty unless the government helped the most vulnerable. The coordinated occupation of the supermarkets was the first of its kind in Brazil, it said.

I’m curious to know what kind of e-mail the homeless like to use.  I imagine they have free email, but do they use Hotmail, Yahoo, or Gmail?

Gmail, which was previously invite-only is far too “elitist” for a homeless email.  It also speaks “I am so tech-chic that I use Gmail”.  What it definitely does not speak is “I’m Homeless”.  Homeless using Gmail would be sort of like CEO’s from car companies flying to D.C. to ask the government for a $25 billion dollar handout.

Hotmail – seriously, who takes Hotmail seriously?  I don’t even care if it’s personal mail from Sarah Palin, if it says @hotmail.com it’s going straight to my Spam or Delete box.  But thankfully for Sarah, she uses….

Yahoo.  It’s the solid, positive middleground. It’s noticable yet doesn’t say  “I’m an Elitist free emailer” or “What’s a computer?”.  What it says is “I found free email from a company who may end up as financially screwed as I am.

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November 19th, 2008 at 4:50 pm

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