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Animal Rights Fur Activists Protest Homes

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Animal rights activists are always protesting, usually by carrying pictures of badly mutilated animals or cute puppies & fancy slogans.  They’re usually funny.  As I’ve mentioned before, nobody knows how to market Junk Activism quite like PETA and I’m a huge fan.

Now they’re taking it straight to the homes of executives that work in Animal research and fur.

From the article:

ON a recent Saturday, a day so cold the streets lay deserted, the peal of a woman’s voice shook the frigid air opposite Central Park. “Hey, Basso, what do you say? How did you kill your fur today?” yelled Stephanie Williams, 29, recently laid off from a job as an account manager at an electronics company.

Laid off from work at an electronics company and now a supercharged Animal Rights activist.  It’s a biography worthy of Lifetime.  I suppose with that much time on your hands not looking for a job, animals start to look less like food and clothing and more like pets and people so we begin to feel more noble, giving them things they don’t care about or understand (like rights).

Maybe with the surge in unemployment other people will have the same ambitions.  Perhaps you can build an army, or at least cash in on the naive ones.

Around her, a troop of fellow protesters stood lined up outside the grand apartment house known as the Beresford, on Central Park West and 81st Street. They responded to her chant with a list of ways to kill an animal.

Wait….now I’m really confused.  Why are you brainstorming ways to kill an animal?  I mean, I can help out with that.   Here are a few of the favorites through the ages of the Animal Kingdom:

  • Guns
  • Bows and Arrows
  • Clubbing
  • Poison
  • Biting
  • Eat them whole (Digestion)
  • Clawing to death
  • Trampling
  • Testing chemicals
  • Growing Ears on their backs

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January 26th, 2009 at 6:55 pm

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Hot and Sexy Prophet Muhammad Cartoons

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I’ve spent about 5 years of my life independently studying the World’s religions and various faiths and one of the most interesting aspects of Islam is no depictions of the prophet Muhammad or God in any way/shape/form. This is easily seen in any Muslim art, which typically is more abstract, patterns-based and intricately beautiful.

That said, I am sick and tired of violent, ignorant Muslim groups blaming entire countries and groups of people because of a few ignorant people and a newspaper do not respect their beliefs.

“We are even ready to sacrifice our life for our beloved Prophet,” said Mahmood Sadiqui, a student leader.

About 200 people held a similar rally in Multan, a main city in the eastern Punjab province, burning Danish flags and chanting “Death to the Cartoonist!” and “Boycott, boycott of European products!”

At two rallies in Pakistan’s biggest city of Karachi, about 150 supporters from radical Islamic parties torched effigies of the Danish prime minister amid calls to boycott Danish products.

I know it’s not “all of Islam” doing this.  But to “all of Islam”, you should know that this message officially sucks.  How can you expect trust and respect in the world when some asshole yells Jihad against the entire country of Denmark, busting out with a chorus line of pointless, irrational flag burning, car burning, rock-throwing, and threats to hang a person who drew A CARTOON…A PICTURE…that you happen to dislike.

This isn’t Denmark provoking a war.  Through history, I think we have all seen enough violence called in the name of religious beliefs.

While it’s obvious you don’t believe in Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, (although I’m positive you believe in gun rights), or for politics based in logic and reason – is there nowhere in the Koran where Muhammad teaches you forgiveness and understanding?

“Please stop what you’re doing,” Imam Mostafa Chendid, the leader of the Islamic Faith Community, said in an address to young people during Friday’s prayer. “The prophet has not taught you to burn down schools, or burn cars or infrastructure.”

At least some in Islam have some damn sense of reason.  The world is a big place, there will never be a day when everyone is Muslim, so you’d better learn to just get along with the rest of us.

Fun link of the day, and my final thought: Christianity can handle some criticism of their art and deity.

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January 26th, 2009 at 6:29 pm

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Baseball Player Michael Young ends his Third Base Playing Protest

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The great thing about the word Protest is you can use to mean a refusal to do anything, including playing third base in Professional Baseball…  While I don’t necessarily consider a whining ballplayer as an Activist for anything but his own selfishness, it is a “Protest” nonetheless that has somehow become newsworthy.  Therefore I must prod it.  Here’s a quote from our friend, Baseball player Michael Young:

“After some careful consideration over the last month or so, and in an effort to not let this thing drag out and move forward at the task at hand — which is winning baseball — I’ve decided to put an end to this and start bearing down and playing third base.”

Growing up, I never saw baseball as a competitive display of my physical abilities…. it’s more like games and playtime.  I was the kid who put his glove on his head and danced around the outfield.  That said, playing the field is boring as hell, and the only thing I can figure out is maybe his view isn’t as nice from Third Base while he waits for his turn to swing the bat again.

From this article:

Considering the Rangers still owe Young $68 million, that’s a pretty hefty risk.

“Careful consideration” involving sleepless nights in a Four Seasons suite and room service, wiping his tears with a few greenbacks he cashed in earlier from his multi-million dollar salary.

So, Mr. Michael Young, don’t be a douchebag.  Please follow my complex logic:  You play for a team.  And you play a game.  For lots of money.  Go have fun – do as you’re told.

I will digress for a moment:  When I was in Middle School, I would’ve LOVED to get to Third Base.  I think the furthest I had gotten by the time I was 12 was maybe First Base – but definitely not Second Base.   I was definitely not one of the cool kids but Michael Young, you’re a role model for every 12 year old.  Play Third Base and Play it proudly!

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January 22nd, 2009 at 6:59 pm

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BarackStock 2009! Obama’s Inaugaration Brings 2 Million together in D.C. this Morning

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Wow.  I’m staring at a screen where there are piles and piles of people are waiting to get a glimpse of our new President.  I hope with all of that Obama Kool-Aid they’re drinking up that there are plenty of bathrooms.

I also do hope for the best, that his Presidency goes well.  I just hope people get a realistic expectation through all of this….this is absolutely mind boggling the amount of effort and money that is going into this.

History in the making is live right now here.

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January 20th, 2009 at 11:56 am

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Where’s the Beef? South Korea corrals their citizens over U.S. Import Protest

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In a serious clash of protesters and South Korean police, the Koreans stage an “illegal” protest and a candlelight vigil against the importing of U.S. beef for concerns of Mad Cow disease.

In fact, USDA Approved Mad Cow beef is a new biological weapon.  And if you DON’T accept our Grade A Beef imports, we’re going to load up giant balls of our famous Angus ground round into giant trebuchets and launch them into Seoul, turning your whole city into a town of Mad Cow-diseased zombies!


BOOM! Take that, South Korea!

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January 19th, 2009 at 3:34 pm

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