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Because Free Speech Is For Everyone!


About Junk Activism

Kick-Ass Philosophical Introduction

The World is a very disagreeable place. And by “The World” I mean the somewhere-around-7-billion of us are disagreeable. Here we are, billions upon billions of living, breathing, sleeping, eating, and pooping, opinionated humans.  And we’re all vowing for our moment to support that cause that makes life better, right?

Admit it – sometimes those signs, sheep herds (protesters who have no idea what they’re protesting for), and niche empowerment groups assembled for the interests of .000000001% of the World’s population, are just freaking hilarious.

What is Junk Activism?

Junk Activism is a term I can’t say I’m the first to create – but since this is Junk Activism Dot-Com, I’m going to coin it.  Often relying on Junk Science, it’s more about the psychology behind the action – it’s (often naive) activism that’s being for unintended, trivial, contradicting purposes, or  is counter-productive to what all decent people want – peace, safety, opportunity, justice, and the means to survive.

Why do people become junk activists?  It gives a sense of purpose and importance, giving them a voice regardless of how naive it may be.  Often, Junk Activists are loud and confrontational for their cause, using “art”, controversy, costumes, clever signs and presentations in public to draw attention to themselves and their message.

What is JunkActivism.com?

JunkActivism.com is the mecca of absurd protest sensationalism. In most cases, someone is probably going to get laughed at in the end. Of course it’s going to be biased, but it’s a blog, damnit. Nothing is sacred here. That’s the point, and I don’t take myself that seriously to begin with.

I’m not against activism, it’s necessary and it works.  We love free speech. JunkActivism.com highlights the grin-and-bear-it cynicism that sometimes we are convinced to give in to absurd disagreements, arguments, and the aggressive actions of a few loud people.

Here’s what it’s all about:

We want to laugh at clever, cheeky, explicit, and tasteless protest signs.

We want to see tree-huggers falling out of trees.

We want to read the absurd half-wit arguments of a first year college student supporting and protesting for a cause they don’t understand.

We want to hear yells of a counter-protest by the Religious Right while the “LGBT” community parades down streets in rainbow underwear and S&M gear.

We want to see naive PETA members dress up in cow costumes (complete with udder) dodging ground beef hurled by butchers.

We want to spectate 1,000 proud NRA gun owners argue in public parks with aged Liberal college professors.

We want your news, photos, and your feedback!

Please enjoy the site, and contact us with your hate, your praises, and your Web findings!
info (at) junkactivism.com

Enjoy, and cheers!
– Adam

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September 6th, 2008 at 12:46 pm

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