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Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day – 2010

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Today let’s honor MLK Jr.

This strong advocate of peaceful protest showed us the true power of protest in bringing change, and probably set up the legacy of peaceful activism we see today.  Who ever thought venting your anger through nonviolent passive aggression would have any affect at all?  MLK proved it can be done and was ironically killed for it.

Dr. MLK Jr., thanks for making Junk Activism possible.  Without you, millions wouldn’t have the courage to stand up for all the things they believe in.  You’ve changed the United States in a profound, positive way, offering hope and courage, emphasizing the power of love and forgiveness.

You’ve also imbued them with the courage to stand up for anything, even some who lay down their lives for the most important issues of our current discourse, like rent to own stores, shoe-throwing, cow farts, money-addicted governments, and trees.

Looking forward to a good year of protests in 2010.

Read some of Dr. King’s profound and motivational speeches here.

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January 18th, 2010 at 11:07 am

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