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New Yorkers Protest Rent-A-Center for Making Money

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According to this post on New York Daily News, a protest of Rent-A-Center was staged last Saturday for renting computers and appliances at ridiciulously high prices.

From the article:

Activists feel the Texas-based corporation takes advantage of inner-city residents who can’t afford to pay outright for new appliances. Rent-A-Center offers seemingly cheap deals, but the numbers quickly add up, activists and some shoppers say.

Strangely enough, this protest is led by Al Sharpton, who has found a new niche in protesting with lousy consumers who victimize their bad spending habits.  Or maybe he just loves being loud.

Brooklyn, please.  Here’s a few tips from “Junk Activism’s Responsible Consumerism 101“:

1) Stop renting your toys and appliances.  It’s cheesy, it’s wasteful, and of course you’re going to pay a shitload more than something is worth.  For a business, that’s the point of renting instead of selling.

2) Read the fine print before you sign anything.

3) Do the math before you sign anything.

4) Relax.  You don’t need a 1,000,000” HDTV ultra high-res Samsung plasma TV right away, anyway.  Idiot.

So, put your signs down.  Just go shop somewhere else.

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December 3rd, 2008 at 4:48 pm

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