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Protest by Lighting Yourself on FIRE!

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It’s important when discussing protest to mention the effectiveness of self-immolation.  This technique of protest was made popular in modern times by Thich Quang Duc, in protest of the Vietnam war.

This is the most extreme form of protest around.  The impact of it is probably the fact you can only do it once, so you must pick a worthy cause.

I have noticed lately that the “Lighting Yourself on Fire” technique has popped up again in the news recently.  And the elderly appear to be leading the efforts.

Possibly a protest, probably not, but a former staff member of the University of Washington in Seattle, a 61 year old man died after lighting himself on fire on campus.

Come on, really? Get lessons from Thich, sir, and make it clear what you’re doing it for.  Rule number 1 of protest.

And this article about a 60 year old French woman who burned herself after her 31 year old boyfriend was deported for various crimes.

Mayor Jean-Claude Boulard ordered an investigation to be opened and said it must provide answers on “how a woman was led to make the ultimate sacrifice to save her companion”.

But I’m not sure if she planned ahead for the problems she may have caused.  One must remember, when your lover is half your age that’s all the most Global Warming they’re going to see in our lifetime.  It’s best to remain carbon neutral when making the ultimate sacrifice or you will burn us all.

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October 31st, 2008 at 10:12 am

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