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Regis Philbin Calls Dominicans Asses?

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Protests against Regis Philbin by the Dominican communities are up in arms against Regis today after Kelly Ripa told a story about a student of hers saying elephants represented Republicans and donkies represented Dominicans.

Regis responds: “She’s pretty close.”

A Dominican-American group is demanding an apology from the show, claiming “host Regis Philbin practically agreed with laughter over what the two thought was a joke.”

Um.  It was a joke. It was a slightly clever morning baner about children using the wrong words.  Game shows have been made from this amusing phenomenon.

regisSo listen up, because this is pure semantics, people.  He was not calling you an ass.  Regis is aware of your activist nature and he was defending you and in fact threatening the perputrator of such ignorant comments on the behalf of children worldwide.  What he was really doing was giving a warning to all little girls about the sensitivity of Dominicans: “She’s pretty close to getting her ass kicked by a large group of pissed-off Dominicans who do NOT like to be mistakenly compared to donkies by children.”

So Dominicans, throw Regis a Lifeline this time. We must STOP THE CHILDREN.

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October 31st, 2008 at 9:42 am

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